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Glaucoma Treatment

Lumenis SLT Glaucoma Treatment

SLT as Treatment for Glaucoma

SLT uses a cold laser to treat the portion of the eye that drains fluid back into the bloodstream. In glaucoma patients the flow of fluid out of the eye is below the amount needed forthe eye to beat a safe pressure. Successful treatment will bring the pressure to a target set by the doctor. SLT can be used to treat patients who are not in control on their glaucoma medications. SLT can reduce and in most cases eliminate the need for drops

Lumenis SLT Glaucoma

SLT as Primary Treatment for Glaucoma

Laser surgery to control internal eye pressure (intraocular pressure) can be used instead of medications as a first line treatment for glaucoma, the Journal of the American College of Surgeons reported in its January 2005 issue. Dr Titone has been using SLT as an alternative to lifelong eyedrops successfully in many of his patients for many years.