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Laser assisted Cataract Surgery

Refractive Laser Assited Catarct Surgery arrives!

Refractive Laser Assited Catarct Surgery arrives!

I am excited to announce the arrival of Refractive Laser assisted cataract surgery (ReLacs) at East Carolina Center For Sight.

ReLacs is a package of services including:

The LenSx Laser from Alcon: A Femtosecond laser to make all incisions in the eye including the lens to achieve the most accurate and reproducible currently available surgery. Use of the laser results in a safer procedure. Less ultrasound is necessary to remove the lens particles as well.

Multiple additional eye measurements using different methods  and multiple different methods of calculation to allow me  to get the most accurate determination of your intraocular lens power. This is in addition to the standard measurements done in regular cataract surgery.

The ReLacs package can be paired with a Lifestyle lens; Multifocal or Toric to allow the best correction and rehabilitation of your vision.

Animation LenSx

Live surgery with LenSx  , Ultrasound is used in second half of surgery to remove lens fragments but the amount of energy is much less than conventional surgery.

The most recent software updates have made the laser faster, the imaging sharper, and the interface better improving the procedure even more.

See if you are a candidate for ReLacs with the LenSx Laser! Schedule your evaluation Today.