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Refractive Laser Assited Catarct Surgery arrives!

Refractive Laser Assited Catarct Surgery arrives!

I am excited to announce the arrival of Refractive Laser assisted cataract surgery (ReLacs) at East Carolina Center For Sight.

ReLacs is a package of services including:

The LenSx Laser from Alcon: A Femtosecond laser to make all incisions in the eye including the lens to achieve the most accurate and reproducible currently available surgery. Use of the laser results in a safer procedure. Less ultrasound is necessary to remove the lens particles as well.

Multiple additional eye measurements using different methods  and multiple different methods of calculation to allow me  to get the most accurate determination of your intraocular lens power. This is in addition to the standard measurements done in regular cataract surgery.

The ReLacs package can be paired with a Lifestyle lens; Multifocal or Toric to allow the best correction and rehabilitation of your vision.

Animation LenSx

Live surgery with LenSx  , Ultrasound is used in second half of surgery to remove lens fragments but the amount of energy is much less than conventional surgery.

The most recent software updates have made the laser faster, the imaging sharper, and the interface better improving the procedure even more.

See if you are a candidate for ReLacs with the LenSx Laser! Schedule your evaluation Today.


Preloaded IOL’s

Preloaded IOL’s have been slow to be adopted in the USA. Alcon has had the SN60 available for many years in a B cartridge and recently released it in a C. Lenstec the makers of SoftecHD received FDA approval for the SoftecHD PLI(pre loaded injector) a few months ago and expects release in the US market by the end of the summer or early fall. The system looks very well conceived and easy to use.

What’s New in Ophthalmology

Alcon announced the immediate availability of  their expanded range of  Acysof  T6 through T9   Astigmatism correcting Intra ocular lens  implants.  This means we can now correct a broad range of  Astigmatism with the lens we put in the eye at the time of cataract surgery allowing more patients to be eyeglass free after surgery!  We have been using the lower power Acrysof  Toric lenses T3-T5 with great success.  Patients with higher astigmatism needed additional surgery to fully correct vision, now most patients  can be done with the lens alone.  Patients with even higher astigmatism that could not be fully corrected at all can now be corrected with additional surgery. These new lenses correct from 2.57  to 4.11 diopters of astigmatism. You can learn more about this lens here  http://www.reclaimyourvision.com/acrysof-iq-toric-iols.aspx.

Screen shot 2011-05-28 at 12.59.16 PMtetraflextoric

If you are wanting better reading vision theAlcon Acrysof Restor lens has to be a great choice for your Cataract or Clear lens replacement surgery; soon the astigmatism correcting feature of the Acrysof  toric Intraocular lenses will be combined with this lens for patients with astigmatism!  Alcon just announced these lenses outside the USA, after FDA approval they will be available here. Learn more here http://www.restortoric.com/.

On the Focusing lens front (We call these Accommodating Intraocular lenses): Lenstec’s Tetraflex is an intraocular lens implant (IOL) that is used for cataract surgery.   The Tetraflex IOL accomodates to give a range of vision.  The Tetraflex is not yet FDA approved in the United States, but is currently in use in Europe.  Lenstec will also introduce Tetraflex HD after FDA approval.  Lenstec’s Softec HD is a precision monofocal lens that is already FDA approved for single focus lens replacement.  The expected advantage of the Tetraflex and Tetraflex HD over the Softec HD is a wider range of sharp vision without glasses or contact lenses for distance, computer, and reading activities.  The lens works by flexing within the eye when patients attempt to read. Dr Titone uses the SoftecHD lens by Lenstec its clarity of vision reported by patients is impressive, we are looking forward in offering the TetraflexHD to our patients when it becomes FDA approved.

Tetraflex reviews have been favorable by surgeons and patients.  Tetraflex lens in the news  Click this link to an article by a U.S. surgeon who has implanted Tetraflex as part of the FDA trials.

See the TV news story about patient who had Tetraflex IOL in Miami during U.S. FDA trials.

The Acysof Toric, Acrysof Restor and Tetraflex costs are usually partially covered under medical insurance, there are added out-of-pocket costs compared to standard lenses. If you are seeking the best vision you can have after cataract or clear lens surgery you should consider one of the Advanced Technology lenses, speak to Dr Titone about your options or ask questions on the blog.